When you’re not ready!

So, I knew this week would be more of a trial run than an official start and I was certainly right. It’s rough to be hungry without a lot of zero or low point foods around. Heck, even my granola bars are 4 points, for the love of Pete. I have managed to do OK, by using the weekly points, but then I calculated tonight’s dinner – 27 points!

I decided to go ahead and make it for a couple of reasons. #1 I need to use up that food. #2 Although it is high in calories, I am aware of how many calories are in it and everything else I have eaten today. So points-wise, I will be at 39 points for the day, but calories-wise, I’ll be at about 1100 which seems a little odd, yes? Well, I get the “game” so to speak, the points are designed to make me choose better foods, I get that and I’m on board, which is why I signed up. But for this day, this meal, screw it, I’m making and eating it and I am understanding that calorie-wise, I really have not overeaten for the day. I grocery shop tomorrow and after that, things will be more in line.

(In case you’re wondering what could be 27 points, it’s crockpot swedish meatballs. And they are tasty.  But they have like 600 calories for a serving.)


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