I have started this blog and then deleted it so many times. And here we go again. I am sure most successful people have many failures under their belt, right? RIGHT?!  Heh. I make no apologies for trying again and again. The biggest failure would be giving up.

So what transpired yesterday was someone linked to a GMA clip. They were discussing someone who appeared briefly in the clip, not the content. But the content was the new Weight Watchers program. And I just decided to sign up. I used to say that it’s just a fancy way to count calories, and I still believe that. However, I like the idea of, OK, my god, you’re hungry have an orange even if you’ve reached your limit. And it reminds me to not get too anal and caught up in the numbers because they tell you – if you don’t know the points, guess. If you went over on points, you have some extra for the week. If you don’t use all of your points today you can tack up to 4 of them on for tomorrow.

Also, there’s the fact that one of my favorite websites for recipes, Skinnytaste, has WW points on her recipes. She updates them as the program changes but from what I am reading, most foods have the same points, just some went down in points. So I can still use her recipes as is for now, if there’s any discrepancy it would be too many points and that’s fine.

Anyway, I started today which has not gone well. My husband took me out to lunch and I ordered this burrito bowl which I thought was a good choice. Then I came home and looked up the nutrition info to plug into the points calculator. 19! I don’t know how that’s even possible. I mean, yes, it was 600 calories but that shouldn’t equal 80% of my day? I am not sweating it, I am new to this and I’m ok with taking a few days to figure it out.


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