I have been consistent with my yoga practice.  There’s that.  Eating has not been good.  And now there’s a new wrench in the works with acid reflux.  I get the kind that doesn’t burn, it puts a lump in my throat, makes it hard to swallow and causes me to cough.  I am about ready to see a gastro for it because my doctor kind of blew me off when I tried to explain it to her and told me my allergies were causing post-nasal drip.  Which they were, but this is not that and I can tell the difference.

I thought I would try and get a handle on it myself.  I took a course of OTC Nexium, which helped.  Today I ate a Korean pear and a banana for breakfast and a salad for lunch.  And here I sit with a damn lump in my throat.  It’s so hard to pinpoint what causes it.  I don’t think it’s my diet soda because I have had days of no reflux but I drink soda every day.  I don’t think it’s tomatoes. I’ve read that they’re bad but then I have also read that fresh are OK, it’s in a more concentrated form like tomato paste that causes issues. So possibly the salad dressing I used? It was garlicky.  Maybe garlic is a trigger.

I know losing some weight will help.  And today, yet again, I started down that path.  I have not been as hungry as I expected to be.  I had salad again for dinner, albeit a McDonald’s salad but it’s only 350 + salad dressing.  I think this menu might be too light.  I am going to look into cooking a bit more substantial meals next week.  Maybe still some salads but adding things like chicken.

I have been reading about food combining but I just don’t know if it’s worth the effort.  So rather than eat two or three pieces of fruit, I can go back to my more substantial and delicious breakfast burritos for about the same calories, or cook my own eggs and veggies. Which is what I will probably go with because three rules I am trying out are no processed, no dairy, no sugar.  And by no, I mean as little as I can.  I realize I’m probably going to occasionally have a little of something, whether by choice or because it’s hidden in my food.  I did get by today with so little and I managed it so I think I can do this if I can maintain this attitude I had today of, “I am not eating, I am done, this has to be fixed.”