So, that last post about cleaning the bathroom?  It started an avalanche.  I got every single room of this house (except the boys’) sparkling clean.  I cleaned out and organized my walk-in pantry, my smaller pantry, the hall closet and the linen closet, oh and under the kitchen sink.  Many bins were purchased.  The house isn’t perfect but it’s much better and much more under control.

I sorted through a lot of things and found my old journals from right after I was married. This was when I was my lowest adult weight ever.  I was actually surprised to see how much I ate, and I was surprised to see that I lost four pounds in three months.  Apparently, I had a lot more patience then.  I am feeling like I should focus on myself now that the house is done.

I have been struggling with hip pain.  In my yoga class, if something causes a twinge, I can just modify or go into child’s pose.  I don’t want to do anything too extreme outside that class.  It’s hard and I do it three times a week.  I am thinking a moderate walk on the treadmill and some gentle yoga at home.

Running I hope will come later.  I hope losing weight can perhaps ease the hip pain?  I just looked up some yoga videos for the IT band, which is what I think my pain is.  I started playing one and she said the band is tight in people that sit a lot.  -_-  Oh.  Well, that explains it.  And probably explains why the sudden burst of activity is bothering it.  Well, we’ll work on that, then.

Eating, I need to get back to work on.  I’m going to keep skimming though the old journal and eat better.  Unfortunately, I have developed a new favorite food, baked feta.  It is certainly not low in fat!  (Or calories I suppose)


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