New Blog Name

I changed my blog name!  I have a Tumblr account with this name and for a very long time it was totally inaccurate.  But now I find myself taking a yoga class, starting C25K and learning how to eat.  I became my name.

I can’t remember which came first, the Tumblr or this.  But I wouldn’t have named this blog that at the time because it didn’t fit where I was and what I was doing.  The Tumblr was just photos and it didn’t seem as important.

I ordered some yoga clothes today and I am really excited.  I have been struggling a little with finding a shirt I like, not too tight or loose, not too short or long.  Bleh.  So I went to Kohl’s to see what I could find and I found a whole line of Gaiam yoga clothes!  They were out of a lot in my size, but I did try on a tank and it fit.  So I came home and went online ordered a tank (eek!) and a tee, plus two pair of harem pants.  I think I will feel less self conscious about my stomach and booty in a looser pant, and they’re elastic at the calf, so they shouldn’t be an issue if my legs go in the air.  That made the length of the shirts less important.  I think it will all work for me.  Oh!  And I was in the process of exchanging a pair of sandals (that took forever) and ended up with yoga sandals.  SO cute!041116-cents-of-style-yoga-2-clothe-stretch-sandals_web16

I am so excited to be moving in this direction.  I have been eating well, still snacking but I’ve cut it way down.  I have been making eggs with fresh veggies in the morning.  I bought stuff to make wraps for lunch and I have been eating leftovers.  I make a healthy dinner and the plan is to have a bit of chocolate at night.  But some peanut butter filled pretzels have slipped in there.  Not too bad all in all.

I spent four days with my mother this weekend.  It made me very aware of my negativity.  I need to rein that in if I don’t want to end up like her.  I shopped for a ring with the intention of getting something to remind me to calm down and stay positive.  But then I came across a semicolon ring and I could not resist.  (In case you don’t know the significance of a semicolon:  Project Semicolon)  But I am going to a big handmade show this weekend and I need one more bangle from a favorite vendor to round out my stack so I will look for something for the reminder.

So that’s the update!  It is super late, shame on me.  I will need to nap tomorrow!


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