Slightly Off-Course

Thursday night’s yoga class was much more do-able.  It was still incredibly challenging in a really good way but a pace I could better keep up with.  Everything has that same slightly sore feeling I get from strength training and I don’t think it’s a good idea to do both?  Maybe it is.  I don’t know.  But if I only do one it will be the yoga.

I can see why people start to think they can/should fast more once they start.  Once you realize that you can fast for 24 hours without dying, you realize you can do more.  I am thinking of different ways I can cut back more.  Not sure what I will do yet.

I haven’t worked out since Thursday’s yoga.  I took yesterday off because I was just exhausted. Then The Big Kid surprised me last night and came home for the weekend.  I skipped yoga this morning because he said he wanted to do breakfast but then he changed his mind.  So I ended up doing nothing today.  I need to get back on course.


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