Well yoga class was certainly interesting.  I need to implement two new rules.  No fasting on yoga days, no strength training on yoga days.  So, I went into this class having eaten nothing but a burrito (and thank god I broke my fast an hour early and ate that) and having already done my strength training and intervals walk.  Such a bad, bad idea.  LOL  This class was insane.  I kept up as long as I could and probably would have kept trying had I not felt the tell-tale “I am going to pass out” feeling.  I figured it would be more embarrassing to faint than to sit down.  That class was insane.  But in a good way.  I will like it a lot once I get the hang of it and it will help tremendously to go into class prepared.  The pace last night was very fast and the teacher told me that she has 17 routines and only 2 are that fast-paced.  So tonight might be better.  If it’s like last night, even at a slower pace, I am going to count the class as my strength training and back off of the weights.  I could have counted last night as cardio too.  We’ll see if the same can be said for tonight.  I might end up doing C25K on non-yoga days and just yoga class on yoga days.  Sundays off.  But today I am doing nothing until yoga class.  I want to be well-rested, haha!

My weight was way down this morning.  I started recording weight on Monday and I have lost 3.8 pounds as of this morning.  Um, OK.  I will take it, thanks.  I am just going to keep doing what I am doing.  I think the point is to learn how to eat on my own without needing to track calories.  So I am going to try to do that.  If I ever plateau I will have to figure out how to adjust, maybe have to track for a while.  But maintenance with exercise at my goal weight should also be around 1800.  So if I just continue to eat as I am, that should take me all the way down, albeit slowing down as I get closer to goal.

I have to say that this is hands down the easiest diet I have ever done, surpassing even Stop the Insanity back in the day.


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