I’m such a kook.  I was on auto pilot this morning and I popped my burrito in the microwave and then realized I can’t eat it.  Oops!  At least I realized before I took a bite.  I told my husband that he and the kid can just make salads tonight and I will eat the burrito. Don’t feel bad for them.  There’s steak strips and croutons and cheese to put on their salads.  They’re not sad salads, plus the kid LOVES salad, he’s so weird.

I have to say I am pretty excited, my weight is dropping!  Even eating as I am, I must be hitting a deficit.  The scale has been down the past two days.  I know that weight loss comes down to CICO but I still wonder about the effects of certain things.  Like the fasting, once glycogen is gone, the body starts burning fat so is it actually burning more fat than if I spread my weekly deficit out evenly?  I don’t buy into starvation mode but I wonder if the body doesn’t react better to a slight deficit because it doesn’t think it’s starving so it says hey cool, plenty of food, just need a smidge more energy, let me burn this fat.  Because I have done plenty of days at low calories and not seen the scale drop like it is now.  I don’t know, the body is a weird machine and I don’t claim to fully understand it.

I am listening to The Fast Diet on YouTube.  I don’t know why I get so wrapped up in reading and watching everything I can about whatever diet I follow.  This guy fasts twice a week, but not for 24 hours.  He eats 500-600 on his fast days.  He says the 24 hours like I do would be too hard.  But I think his way would be unpleasant.  When I start eating again, I want to eat again.  I don’t want to eat one meal and then have to go back to fasting.  Or to spread it out into tiny little meals over the day.  No, I’d rather ride out the 24 hours and then be back to normal.  Plus I like the idea of fasting for 24 hours, your body has to burn fat, it’s not getting any food, and your system completely empties.   What’s funny is he just talked about snacking and said it doesn’t make us eat less at mealtimes, it just whets the appetite.  Precisely why I can’t do a random 500 on fast days.



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