Started a fast tonight after dinner.  I didn’t track again today and to be honest, I am not sure how I did calorie wise.  I definitely need to make tracking a habit again.  I think I will find it much less painful since I am allowed to eat a decent amount.  And I want to work on improving the quality of what I eat.  My breakfast is a frozen burrito but it’s a very natural brand so it really is just a tortilla, eggs, cheese and veggies.  Lunch varies, I should work on it.  And dinner is usually something I cook from scratch with the occasional box of mac and cheese thrown in, but we buy Annie’s, which I feel better about.  My snacks tho.  Pop Tarts, Fiber One cheesecake bars, Rice Krispies treats, frozen yogurt bars.  Nothing is bad about any of that, I just need to dial it back and add more fresh fruit and veg.  I feel like since I get to eat more now, I can afford to have a treat, even daily, so I should make an effort to make the rest of it better quality.  You’d probably think if I only get a little food I should want it all to be “good” but when I’m already restricted quantity-wise, I don’t want to give up the “bad” food, no matter how counter-productive that is.  I don’t actually believe in good/bad foods.`But I do think some foods are more healthful and nutritious and we should eat more of those.

So, I did C25K today!  I did not feel any hip pain and none has set in after the fact.  Let’s hope that keeps up!  I also signed up for yoga and it starts tomorrow night.  So excited about that.  Maybe if I feel up to it I will do another walk after the yoga.  But maybe not as I am not allowed to eat until 6:00 and that’s when class starts.  I suppose I could go early and walk before class.  I should go to the gym early for my strength training and interval walk  tomorrow to spread it out.  I’ll probably  actually break my fast a bit early tomorrow.  What’s 23.25 versus 24 hours really?  So a light snack, then hit the gym for the walk and the yoga.



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