Forget Rules

So, one thing I have learned with Eat Stop Eat is to forget any rules except fast twice a week for 24 hours.  I keep thinking I will do this or that and it just doesn’t happen sometimes.  Today I didn’t track at all but I am not overly concerned, I had three meals and two snacks.  I don’t think I could have gone over 1800.  And I busted it at the gym today so my burn should be over that.

I got a little excited when I started this and bought a lot of yummy processed food.  I don’t think processed food is the devil but I would like to eat more real and fresh food.  I want to eat better.  I know weight loss is down to calories in/out but I want to be healthy.  I am watching Eat Fast, Live Longer.  The 101 year old guy running a marathon made me cry.  I want to run again!  I am going to start C25K tomorrow and see if my hip hurts.  It’s a completely controlled surface so if my hip starts to hurt, I’ll know it’s my body.

Still watching the film and it is so tempting to do alternate days.  But I shall resist.  Two days is definitely do-able but I don’t know about alternating days.  And I am finding it easier to hold back on eating days because I have been able to eat.  Like it’s midnight now, and I could eat but I am not miserable like when I am trying to eat 1200 calories, so I’m just not bothering.  When I first started I was definitely woohoo!  But I am moderating better now.  And in the film he has now gone from alternate day to the 5:2 pattern I am following.

I mean clearly, this works or people wouldn’t still be doing it.  I just need to see it happen for me.  The thing that’s crazy is almost every video I watch, from people doing it, say it’s so easy.  And it feels that way right now, which scares the shit out of me!  This has been so hard for me for so long that finding something this awesome just doesn’t seem possible.  I mean my MO is typically to start a new diet and make it 2.5 days and say screw it.  I hate counting calories and I never last long doing that.  I started my first fast on the evening of the 3rd so I have been doing this for just over a week.  But that’s only two fasts, so it almost feels like I am not doing anything.  That’s what is terrifying.


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