Eat Stop Eat

I have been filling my hand written journal with page after page of excitement about what is happening with me right now.  And then I realized, I can get the weight loss stuff out of there and bring it over here.

SO!  I have been hitting the gym five days a week.  I’d like to get it to six or seven but I am happy with where I am right now.  So each time I am walking for 30 minutes doing intervals.  I walk for two minutes at 3.0 mph and a 0 incline, then one minute at 3.5 mph and a 4 incline.  It’s challenging in a really good way.  Three days each week I do a strength training routine.  I would say total body but I don’t do legs, so upper body really.  I’m strictly on machines right now, just a simple conditioning routine for now.

I have been seeing an advert at the rec center (which is the gym I use) for something called Power Up Yoga, but I think Power Up is the name, not a special type of yoga because I checked it out online and just saw basic yoga.  Typically classes at the rec charge a fee separate from the membership fee and yoga tends to be pricy, classes once a week for maybe six weeks and costing close to $100.  Yoga is expensive everywhere here which is why I haven’t done classes in a long time.  But this is  a company that uses the rec for classes.  Anyway, it’s $50/month and they have three classes a week!  I am going to sign up this week.  I am really excited about it.

Now my diet.  This is crazy good and I worry too good to be true but so many people swear by it.  Eat Stop Eat.  Fast for 24 hours, twice a week.  That’s it.  Now I have been tracking on the days I eat and setting a limit of 1800 calories.  Eight. Teen. Hundred.  Whaaat?  Let me assure you that 1800 is plenty.  I track because I know I will go over that if I don’t keep an eye on it but it’s a lovely amount of food.  I am not doing the limit of 500 on the days I break the fast.  I tried this last time and I had just had a particularly hungry day but I white knuckled it and made it the 24 hours.  Then I had dinner which I am sure was 500 on its own and then a frozen yogurt bar.  And maybe another snack later?  I don’t remember.  Oh yes, some pita chips and hummus.  Still a massive deficit for the day.  But 1800 generally ends up leaving a small deficit.  According to MFP my maintenance is 1820 and that is at sedentary, no exercise.  So any busy-ness and my gym work puts me at a burn over 1800 and gets me a little deficit.  Plus sometimes I just don’t even get to 1800.  So there’s that.  The 1800 goal is great because even if I have a day, especially on the weekends, when I do nothing, that is still maintenance.  I don’t know if this is working yet, I haven’t been doing it for long and of course this kind of makes the scale jump all over the place.  I need to start weighing in every morning and recording it in my app so I can get an idea of whether the overall trend is downward.

The gym I have been doing longer and I am really consistent with it right now.  I’d like to add another 30 minute walk, maybe after dinner?  Just a leisurely one.  But it’s more activity, more burn.  Every little bit helps.  I think I can eke out a pound a week doing this.  It’ll take me an entire year to reach goal but my gawd, I can eat!  And no, thus far the fasts aren’t miserable.  Sure I am hungry but there’s that knowledge that I can eat dinner and I can make it, I really can.  And that dinner always tastes so good, you can’t even believe it.

So yeah, I am in a really good place right now!  I am feeling more positive and optimistic than I have in a while.  More to say on the topic but another goal is bed on time, so I have to go now!




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