One Meal

Yesterday was my first full day of low-fat eating, which so nicely coincided with the onset of my monthly cycle. Thank you, universe. I was ravenous all day. I didn’t just sit and eat non-stop but I did eat periodically and I think it really wasn’t that bad calorie-wise. (Still worrying about those even though I am not tracking.) Today was better but still hungry. I am blaming it on my femaleness, hoping it gets better.  I was even good tonight when I realized the meal was not low-fat.  Made salmon, mac & cheese and salad.  I don’t do fat free dressing so both sides were out.  Salmon is not low fat either, but I paired it with a side that had substance but almost no fat and I think that balanced out the meal as a whole.  I had some of this:


Really good, 320 calories for a cup. That’s a lot but so is a cup! I didn’t measure it but just ate a nice scoop. And only 5 grams of fat. This would be a good thing to eat with a handful of diced chicken mixed in as a meal. I’ve had the Italian one too and it’s also good. I really want to try the California and Asian ones.

But let me tell you, choosing to make an alternative for myself rather than shrugging it off as “one meal” is progress for me right now. I’ll take it!


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