I have started and stopped this blog a few times. I will post for a few days and then I don’t come back for months and I delete it all and start again. And here I am again. Hi. So here’s where I am. My beginning weight was 197.6, not my highest weight ever but never much more than that. I stay here without any effort. I may not have been losing weight but my doctor is pretty impressed with my ability to stay right here and not get any bigger, even over Christmas.  Once, long ago, I weighed 136 without any effort. I never got any bigger and I had to work to get any lower. Same thing happened after my first kiddo, except I settled in at 155. I’m apparently really good at maintaining. I can gain weight, obviously, when I go through something that makes me overeat, like a raging case of postpartum depression after my second kiddo.

So, with that all in mind and 1,000 failures under my belt, I came up with an idea. Well, I didn’t come up with it, I am sure I have heard it before and it came back to me. I decided to research how many calories I would need to maintain a weight of 136, with a sedentary lifestyle, and eat that amount for as long as it takes to actually reach 136. I chose sedentary, even tho I don’t plan to be, so that exercise doesn’t really factor into it. I intend to work out, I just don’t want this to be complicated by anything else. If I do nothing else but eat these calories, it will work. I need this to be easy.

I am painfully aware that it’s going to be a very slow process. I am telling myself not to plan on seeing 136 until 2019. But I am OK with that, because nothing else sticks. So I start and stop and spend so much time doing nothing. So, now I do slightly more than nothing and then just live my life and I’ll get there. Who’s to say what will happen down the road? Maybe as I get closer I will cut down to 1200, or work out harder, be able to run again, or whatever. But in this plan, just like the exercise, I am counting on myself to do nothing but count calories every day. That is the plan. Eat 1577 calories or less, every day. The end. Can’t get easier, right?