I did not fare well with week 2 of the None to Run program. That was a lot. And I did it, one day anyway, barely, I felt like I was shuffling during the runs. It’s too much, it’s not better than C25K for me, I don’t remember ever struggling that way so early.  Funny, as I was walking my warm-up, I was thinking back to when I first began running. I don’t really remember what I did because it was about 20 years ago. But I do know that I had much longer recovery times between runs at first. So I did some more digging. Came across Jeff Galloway, I remembered that name and I thought maybe it was his beginner program that I had done, but I couldn’t find anything that matched my memory. I did finally come across what looks to be a nice plan: A CONSERVATIVE PLAN FOR THOSE MAKING THE TRANSITION FROM WALKING TO RUNNING

One thing I really like about it is the focus on distance. The C25K doesn’t actually get you running a 5K unless you are going at least a certain speed when you run. I am aware of that going in, a lot of people aren’t, but either way it’s a little frustrating because you’re then left to figure out how to increase your distance to an actual 5K. The plan I have been doing focuses on time, but with no distance expectations. But this new plan I found starts you walking for .5 mile, then do your intervals for 2.25, then walk to cool down for .25 mile. You get in 3 miles. There is a “long” day every week.  Initially you get four minutes between runs. And the second week you keep the four minutes and increase the running to 45 seconds from 30. This schedule that kicked my ass took me from a 30 second run to 1 minute in week 2 with only 2 minutes of recovery.  I was dying. So I am giving this new one a go. My last “run” was on Monday. On Tuesday, I went shopping and did a lot of walking so didn’t get any “real” exercise and yesterday I just enjoyed the holiday. So I think for the remainder of this week I am going to walk 3 miles.  I can do that. Every time I sporadically start exercising I typically do long walks. So I am not so out of shape that it’s out of the question or anything. I will start the running on Monday. I am also fully prepared to dial it back and repeat weeks if I need to.



There is a person I follow on social media, what do you call those people? Social influencers? Anyway. She is gorgeous. She always looks beautiful, her home is beautiful, her clothes are beautiful. And she has breast cancer. When she announced it, I was reminded once again that no one’s life is perfect, even if it seems so to us on the outside. And I look at my fat body and my messy home and I think, but I don’t have cancer anymore (and hopefully never will again.) It could be so much worse than it is. My problems are fixable. My problems are self inflicted. I weep for her and I hope for her and then I tell myself, “You need to get up off of your ass and take better care of yourself.”

Tonight I am going to go to bed early. I am going to set an alarm for 8:00 a.m. and I am going to put myself on a sleep schedule. I am going to be even stricter with myself about food and I am going to keep running. And if I wake up at 8:00 I can also do yoga.

Eat, yoga, run.


I ran again yesterday. I know you’re not supposed to do two days in a row when starting out.  But the first day when I ran on the treadmill was really easy. I decided to go walk a city trail last night and before I went I discovered that I could “program” RunKeeper to do the intervals I need so that I can listen to music and not just the podcast that has the cues on it. So I decided to go ahead and run again to test it out, figuring if I hadn’t done the program right and ended up walking the whole thing it would be fine and if it did work, I wasn’t going to die because the first run had been too easy. I definitely work harder outdoors. So it kicked my ass but in a good way and I will definitely not be running today. I was really sore and tired last night but I woke up feeling fine. I definitely want to go and get new shoes, though.


I ran today! I am trying to live up to this blog name. Those three things are important to me for being healthy. I don’t know why I am struggling so much to get a yoga practice going. Seems like that would be the easiest of the three. But today I ran. I was going to do Couch to 5K but I googled something about it, I don’t even remember what, and ended up finding None to Run.  I did W1D1 on the treadmill today but I think I am going to do the next one outside.  I prefer running outside but don’t like to because of sun exposure. (skin cancer = paranoid) I have tried running at various times over the past few years and my hip hurts. It didn’t hurt today so I hope that doesn’t come back when I hit the pavement. Also I live in a place that is hot.  So I am going to run just prior to sunset. I am cautiously optimistic. In those times of my life when I was a runner I loved it. I need this.

*sometimes I post late. Technically, since it’s after midnight, today is day 12 but I haven’t gone to bed yet so it’s 11 still as far as I am concerned.


OK, just forget the DIY Jenny Craig. 😂 I’m still committed to tracking calories though and reducing my portions. I feel like I have done a 180 but it’s more like I went down a rabbit hole and came out on the other side. It’s all good tho. I know calories are king, I have changed my course to eating better and there’s no shame in that. So I’ll just keep on keepin’ on.


Well, one of my worries with not cooking was that my kids wouldn’t cook for themselves even though they assured me that they would. My oldest has been living on smoothies. 😛  My youngest has been with friends and I think he’d be better about cooking now that he’s home but I think I am just going to go ahead and cook dinner for them. But I am just going to cook what they said they want to eat, meat and vegetables. For counting calories, that is the next best thing after a pre-portioned packaged food. Very easy to calculate as opposed to a casserole or pasta dish.

Also, it’s better to be eating “real” food because of course, the intention is not to live on frozen shit for the rest of my life. In fact, I just bought a book called “Real Food” the other day. I have checked it out from the library before and never read it. But before I landed on this idea of frozen meals I had started thinking that way again, that I should work on cutting out a lot of junk. (I am a dual personality, I tell ya.) So I checked the library website to see if it was on the shelf and it was gone from their catalog and then when I went in a few days later I checked the old books for sale and grabbed it for a buck. To my credit, all of the old books for sale were diet and nutrition books and I resisted their allure. I only bought that one.

So, a bit of a change in plans, but it’s fine. I think I stated before that my main goal right now (secondary to weight loss) is to get used to eating less. If I didn’t, then to clarify, that’s what I am working on. Once I am used to eating less and actively eating less, the weight loss will come. And I am eating less by counting calories, in whatever way that occurs, the important thing is to stay within my calorie goal. I think sometimes when we focus too much on “I am going to eat/not eat X,Y, Z” then people think you’re not “doing it right” if you have to change course. The important thing is plotting the course.


Today I erased the few posts on this blog. It’s not like anyone reads it anyway. Maybe someday. I want a fresh start today because I am taking a new path. I checked out Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Body. It’s a book that has intrigued me for years, I think I have maybe checked it out before but I haven’t read it. This time I did read some of it. I also read some of what other people had to say about it. It’s not a plan I want to follow but I was able to take away a few things. And here’s where I ended up. I could go into all the whys and wherefores of why I am doing what I am doing but the bottom line is: it’s easy.  I am going to stop cooking for the summer at least. When I brought it up to the family I wasn’t sure how they’d react but everyone was actually really excited about it. I have a college age son and a teen and they both want to do their own meat and veg thing.  My husband typically eats at least lunch out during the day, often breakfast too and is more than happy to skip dinner or just have a snack. They say my cooking is too good and causes them to overeat. 😊

Me? I am basically doing a DIY Jenny Craig, purchasing frozen meals and individually wrapped snacks at the grocery store. I am aware that frozen meals aren’t ideal. When you say you’re getting them from the store folks tend to become very concerned. Why aren’t they concerned then when people do Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem? Right? It’s not like I will be choosing Hot Pockets and mini pizzas. In fact, my favorite meals are the ones from Amy’s Kitchen and I think those are pretty good nutritionally. Someone has created an online version of this diet. 🤔 It’s like $50 for 6 months. I thought well really, I can do this myself. Then I read that they don’t even create a meal plan for you, you just choose things from a list.  Haha, no. I did read an article by the creator in which she basically tells you exactly what to do. (Make Your Own Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem Using the Frozen Food Aisle of Your Supermarket) I did take away from that to choose meals that are under 650 mg sodium but really I think everything I looked at today was easily under that.

I just told my husband the other day, “You know, I bet when the boys are both out on their own, I drop the weight again because I won’t have to cook these big meals.” So we just sped up that process a little. My older son was off at a different college for 2 years but lived in a dorm. It had a kitchen so he did some cooking but ate in the “caf” or out a lot. This is probably good for them before they head out into life to get accustomed to cooking while I am around to guide them when they need it. And I also told them I would cook again once school starts back up if they want me to. We’ll assess then.

One thing I took from 4HB was to track data. He says tracking calories is better than nothing but I don’t really want to get into too much so I’m just going to start up with MyFitnessPal again. It tracks calories and macros. It will be super easy now with most things being packaged. I will be also eating fresh fruits and vegetables too but that’s pretty easy.  No more doing a ton of weighing and measuring and complicated math on recipes.

So my main goal, of course, is weight loss. But secondary to that is reducing my portion sizes. When I weighed 136, I did not eat a lot. I ate kids meals at fast food places. I need to get back to that in order to get back to that weight and maintain it.  I think I am also going to go pretty extreme and go straight to 1200 calories. I want this weight gone! And I am pretty excited about eating the food. Years of experience has taught me what’s good in the grocery store and I am going to get to eat fun, tasty stuff. I can allow myself to go up to 1500 on a particularly hungry days and know that I am still at a deficit.

First meal was lunch today. I slept in and skipped breakfast. I had a Lean Cuisine and 100g grape tomatoes. And I feel fine. Not stuffed, but satisfied. That’s a good sign!