One week down!

I actually stayed on track all week long. Regarding my calories, I am shooting for the ballpark of 1400-1500. But I do not care if I eat 1612. I would prefer not to have too many 1600+ days but on the days that I just happen to be extra hungry, I think it’s best to give in a little so that I don’t go crazy later. I know my maintenance calories (according to the calculators anyway) and as long as I eat under that, I am still in a deficit. This is long haul thinking. But anyway, I ate in my range most days. I just think it’s counterproductive for me to try and eat at the 1200 level everyone recommends. And even the online program I use recommends it although they do encourage you to find your “sweet spot.”

I also did the Real Appeal exercise program as laid out by them. So that was three days of cardio, one day of abs and stretching. The program isn’t too long. And it’s just a bit challenging. As much as it wounds my pride, it’s probably perfect for my out of shape ass. I think I am going to want to start doing some yoga on the off days.

Today was my one week weigh-in, even though I have been weighing daily. I was down 4.5 pounds, I know that will slow down. I put my daily weight into an app that gives me a trend line. It also estimates when I will reach my goal weight based on current rate of loss, so it thinks I can lose 60+ pounds by mid -April. Haha, I wish!

Here I go again.

Another year. Another new year. Another new year resolution. But this time feels a little different. First of all, I am not “excited” about this journey. I know it’s going to be long and tedious. I am not trying some new magic pill or potion or diet that I have fooled myself into thinking is going to rock my world. I am counting calories and increasing my activity. That’s it, the old school, bare bones stuff. I know it works, I have done it before. So there’s at least no trepidation about results. I am using a program though, it’s called Real Appeal and was made available to me through my husband’s insurance. But it’s counting calories, there’s nothing gimmicky. What is nice is that they sent me (free!) a body weight scale, a food scale, measuring cups and spoons, a tape measure, a personal blender and some exercise DVDs. Maybe more, I don’t remember it all. I attend a weight loss meeting each week where our coach speaks to us and we watch a video together. I have been attending the meetings for about 3 months actually but that’s about it. I haven’t really done anything.

I decided it was high time I started doing the work. I started counting and tracking my food today, I did day 1 of the exercise program, I weighed in (ugh). I also changed my coach. I didn’t dislike the other one, she was fine, but I wasn’t excited about doing the meetings. However, I have had to reschedule about 3 times and every single time I managed to get the same coach at the new time and I just really liked her. We all have different personalities and some just mesh better than others. I decided that part of my fresh start would be changing my class to the other coach and now I am really looking forward to my meeting.

I intend to journal a lot and I have a fitness planner that I am using to try and add some fun to the process. I don’t have a hard and fast deadline, like x amount of pounds by a certain date. But I do turn 50 this year, at the end of July, and I would like to have a significant amount gone by then. Maybe I could set a looser goal for that date, like having “only” an overweight BMI and no longer being obese. That would be great. 164 is when I enter overweight territory. So 38 pounds in almost 7 months. I think that’s realistic. That will be the initial goal and then of course I want to reach a normal BMI. Maybe by the end of the year? Definitely by 51.